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Company History

NSCC first opened its doors for business as a marine contractor specialising in sheet piles, marinas, jetties and slipways in 1968.

From the very beginning, NSCC prided itself on quality, workmanship, on-time delivery and superior value, which fuelled the company’s desire to both expand and diversify.

Piled foundations for National Bank of Abu Dhabi, 1971
Piled foundations for National Bank of Abu Dhabi, 1971
Sheet piles, 1983.
Sheet piles, 1983.

Committed to staying abreast of all of the latest trends and technologies, NSCC was the first to introduce piled foundations to the UAE in the early 1970s through the use of driven piles, precast and cast in situ, mainly using diesel and drop hammers. And over the last four decades NSCC has continued to evolve to become a regional leader in the design and construction of foundation engineering solutions to the various sectors of the construction industry.

NSCC led the way in the introduction of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) when, in 1996, it was the very first company in the Middle East to utilise this trenchless technique. Today, after the installation of no less than 3,000 crossings (installing pipes and ducts under roads, canals and rivers), NSCC is still known as the market leader in this specialist field. In fact, NSCC’s piles have formed the foundations of some of the most important landmarks in the UAE. We use the very latest techniques to successfully complete even the most challenging of projects.